Selected Articles by Greg Lindsay
Wired (UK)  |  October 2013

How to Build a Serendipity Engine

'My phone knows your CV, but not if I should know you.'
Next American City  |  August 2013

IBM’s Department of Education

The Company That Brought You Smarter Cities Moves Into Schools
The New York Times  |  April 2013

Engineering Serendipity

Fast Company  |  March 2013

Swedish Modern Comes To Town

As if furnishing our postcollegiate homes wasn't enough, Ikea is bringing its austere aesthetic to urban planning.
Fast Company  |  March 2013

Working Beyond the Cube

AT&T, Zappos, and other companies are sharing office space with strangers — and not to save rent.
Fast Company  |  December 2012/January 2013

Imagine Air Travel Without Hassle: Surf Air Can

Upstart airline surf air is changing everything fliers hate about major carriers. (Which is to say, everything.)
WSJ  |  November 2012

Jeanne Gang

The renegade architect on intervening with nature, creating happier suburbs and why coyotes have a place in cities
Fast Company  |  June 2012

That’s So Fly

Brazil, China, and Russia take to the skies, bidding for large shares of the $2 trillion narrow-body-jet market.
Next American City  |  May 2012

Chartered Territory

Can a New Model for Cities Thrive in Honduras?
The New York Times  |  Feburary 2012

Designing a Fix for Housing

by Jeanne Gang and Greg Lindsay
Departures  |  October 2011

Instant Cities

Are made-from-scratch metropolises the answer to Asia's urban overpopulation? Greg Lindsay investigates.
Travel + Leisure  |  October 2011

The Future of Travel

Horseless carriages. Mechanical flight. Digital mail: all once the stuff of imagination. T+L checks in with farsighted futurists to see what lies ahead.
The New York Times  |  September 2011

Not-So-Smart Cities

World Policy Journal  |  Fall 2011

Thus Spake Nano

What if innovation itself is unsustainable?
Advertising Age  |  September 2011

Ad Age Insights: The Evolution of Facebook Brand Fans

How and why users in six countries choose to interact with brands on Facebook
Open Skies  |  July 2011

Paradise Lost: The Death and Strange Afterlife of Brasilia

Brasilia was to be South America’s city of the future. Instead it was a disaster of epic proportions. Greg Lindsay reports on the painful birth and the slow death of the Brazilian capital.
WSJ  |  May 2011

Marc Newson on How Design Is Easy and Why You Can’t Make a Cappuccino on a Plane

Newson, whose Lockheed Lounge achieved record-breaking sums at auction, speaks about his work for Qantas and how subtle changes can alter the way we go about our day
WSJ  |  February 2011

Cities of the Sky

From Dubai to Chongqing to Honduras, the Silk Road of the future is taking shape in urban developments based on airport hubs. Welcome to the world of the 'aerotropolis.'
The New York Times  |  February 2011

Reach for the Skies

Advertising Age  |  November 2010

Ad Age Insights: Global Media Habits 2010

How media is consumed around the world — from mature markets where traditional media use is shrinking to emerging ones eagerly embracing old and new alike.
Fast Company  |  December/January 2010

The Radio Shack of Renewables

Power Player: Interstate CEO Carlos Sepulveda dominates today's battery business while he preps for tomorrow's. Photograph by Darren Braun
Fast Company  |  November 2010

The Master Plan: After The Expo

Fast Company  |  August 2010

The Master Plan: A City in the Cloud

Surface  |  July 2010

The Surface Interview: What Moves Us

The new transport-themed issue of Surface includes an interview with me by editor-in-chief Dan Rubenstein, who found himself stranded in Milan the Icelandic volcano shut down European airspace in April. "I finally arrived home four days later," he writes in his editor's letter, "but the ordeal made me realize the fragility of modern life, especially when it comes to transportation and what to include in this first-ever Transport Issue. Capacity, flexibility, convenience: All these issues today are crucial." Indeed. Below is the interview. His questions are in bold; my responses follow.
Fast Company  |  June 2010

The Master Plan: Russia Hires Cisco To Plant A Silicon Forest

(Originally published on on June 25, 2010)
Fast Company  |  February 2010

The New New Urbanism: New Songdo & Creating Cities From Scratch

The world is bracing for an influx of billions of new urbanites in the coming decades, and tech companies are rushing to build new green cities to house them. Are these companies creating a smarter metropolis -- or just making money?
Condé Nast Traveler  |  February 2010

Triumph of the Air Warriors

In Up in the Air, George Clooney revels in Airworld, a ten-million-mile flier's paradise of airports, lounges, and jet-iquette. Who lives like this? Meet the FlyerTalkers, the world's greatest passengers, who stockpile miles for currency, who make their cause the dignity of the frequent flier. Greg Lindsay joins them on a mad marathon of gate-hopping, champagne-quaffing stratospheric ecstasy.
Fast Company  |  September 2009

Heard of Allegiant Air? Why It’s the Nation’s Most Profitable Airline

Why Allegiant Air is the nation's most profitable airline, soaring amid the slump in travel.
Fast Company  |  May 2009

Honeywell’s GPS-based Landing Tech Could Save Airlines Billions

The first salvo against interminable flight delays is Honeywell's new GPS-based landing technology. It could also save billions for the airlines.
I.D.  |  November/December 2008


Eero Saarinen's TWA terminal has a new neighbor that embodies the realities of 21st-century air travel.

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