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Tirana Design Week 2021

After being grounded for 18 months, my travel schedule resumes in earnest with the opening keynote at Tirana Design Week on October 2nd, where they’re asking the big questions:

Will the next crisis find us as unprepared as in COVID-19, repeating the same findings over and over again? Or, will we search for how to reinvent our commons city space, streets, public space, parks and green areas, urban furniture, landscapes, leisure areas, commercial zones, and residences? Will socio-ecological interactions within the city change and what does this mean for human behaviour versus urban space or city’s carrying capacity? Are physical and social distancing there to remain, and if so, how are we to prevent collective “agoraphobia” or any form of “social phobia” from taking place in the future? The future is so uncertain right now, but there is no doubt that health and wellbeing will not only persist, but will also grow in importance in city-making.

Conference aside, I’m excited to visit Tirana just to see the transformation of the public realm under Mayor Erion Veliaj, who I invited to speak at reSITE in 2018. (Don’t take my word for it; ask The Economist.) From Tirana, it’s on to Venice to finally see my station at the Architecture Biennale, and then onto Turin for Utopian Hours. I hope to see you somewhere along the way!

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